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How It Works?

How Push Notifications Work For Chrome, Firefox And Android Devices On Desktop And Mobile Browsers.

Place Smart Code

Create your Free ZPush Account, which will not take you more than 1 minute maximum, after which you’ll get an instant Smart Code. Put this Smart Code before the closing tag on your web page, now you are good to go, push notification is ready.

Activate Opt-In

When there’s a visitor on your website for the first time, an opt-in box appears, asking for permission to send them Push Notifications. When the visitor clicks “Allow”, they are added to your subscriber list. They don’t need to provide their Email ID.

Ready To Send Push Notification

Open your ZPush dashboard, and compose a well organized title which will captivate the attention of your web and mobile user along-side the message and hit send! There goes your first Push Notification!

Tracking your notifications

Track the Click-Through-Rate of the notifications sent to your subscribers right through your ZPush dashboard. See your engagement and other metrics that will help you in planning your campaigns.

Special Features

ZPush provides developers with some of it's Powerful features to deliver better notifications to their various users globally.

  • Multi-website, multi-user support

    Do you have multiple websites, and do multiple people need access to the platform? No problem. ZPush supports multiple websites and multiple users in a single account, so you can use ZPush easily, and make sure your website, blogs & App visitors are always engaged using your sites, while online and offline anytime everyday.

  • Free & Unlimited

    ZPush notification is Totally free and trusted by thousands of leading developers world wide, certainly the best among the rest.

  • Developer API

    Use our ZPush API and send web push notifications, emails, and SMS through a single platform.

  • Metrics and Reporting

    So you have sent across a perfectly composed Push Notification. You are curious to know how well it has performed among your segments or how many subscribers have clicked on it. You feel the need to keep an eye on the delivery rates and how your subscriber list is growing too. ZPush makes sure you have all the numbers you need, and easily as well, so you can take decisions easily and faster.

  • High level of subscriptions rate

    ZPush enables Visitors globally, subscribe to notifications from your site through a web push request.

  • Third Party Integrations

    Run a blog or e-commerce site? We have several plugins in the works, with more coming soon.

Our Team

Because we believe push notifications are becoming the primary ways to connect with users on Web and mobile, we've founded ZPush in NOVEMBER 2017 for new and advance developer to enable their mobile & web page get the maximum subscriber they we love to get..

Multilingual Support

ZPush platform supports users to convert push notifications into different languages for various subscribers convenience, in other to get more subscribers. With the Opt-in box theme option, you can make your push notification stand out by adding in customized theme for pleasant looks, which will in no doubt gain more subscriber Opt-in..

Multilingual Support
Opt-in Box Themes

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind?

Simple Login your Zpush Account then click on your app name.
1: Simply Login your Zpush Account then click on your app name.
2: Uder Message click Compose Message fill the form then click schedule.

Why Opt For RSS-to-Push Notification

Increase traffic

Bring your subscribers back to your website by linking your Push Notifications to your RSS feed. The notifications are delivered to your subscribers’ browsers and land them on the updated pages.

Better than Email Subscription

No more worrying about subscribers missing out on your emails, or your communication getting lost in the spam or junk folder. Connect your RSS reader to automated Push Notifications and deliver it to them right on their devices.

Easy to Subscribe

Get rid of the lead capture form and collecting information like email id and contact number to add them to your subscriber list. All you need is a single opt-in from your visitors to start sending notifications immediately.

Browser and Platform Support

ZuPago WebPush Notifications works with all major browsers spread across a variety of devices and platforms.

Browsers Supported - Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera


Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox & Opera

Devices - Desktop, Mobile, Tablet


Desktop, Mobile & Tablet Devices

Operating Systems - Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS


Windows, Android, Linux & MacOS (OSX).

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Our goal is to democratise push communication for every blogs, websites and apps.



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